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I reached out into the Creative Space and I thought there was nothing there! but actually, a few hours later, ideas began to introduce themselves!. I sketched the opening of the 2nd movt ( double concerto ) as a piano version. There wasn't much of it but at least it was a start!! 

 Normally ,I would sketch the whole work as a piano piece before orchestrating but this time for some reason it was different. I took the opening to the cafe and began to orchestrate the first few bars. This was somehow ' Magical' and all sorts of innovative shapes and forms came into ' view' as it were. This evening, there are 14 completed bars with dynamics and phrasing, tempi and dynamics all in place.The fact that I now feel at a ' full stop' is not's a familiar feeling and will pass when it's ready.

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Good evening, I'm always happy to share good news!! Fortunately, the cellist at Monaco has received the score of ' Venus Conjunct Mars' at last!!...not sure how to describe this piece ? it's not in the form of a concerto .. but is a piece for solo Violin and Cello with orchestra which may eventually have a second movement. I have heard that she likes the work and I will be going over there next week to hear it ' in the flesh' so to speak.....always a weird and slightly anxious moment!!

 Last week, I experienced another miracle!! I have a friend here who is Danish and intends to write a book about Vence ( the village in which I live in the South of France ). We had coffee together and he explained that he needs help with writing it in good English! Would I help? Yes of course! then he slapped an envelope on the table with exactly the amount of money I need to get my Viola Concerto edited!! This is apparently an advance payment...Bless him!! i would have done it for nothing anyway of course.

 Finding the cost of editing is always a problem but somehow the universe seems to know and help me!!

Something else is brewing so keep tuned........!!! have a lovely evening all xx



' Rhapsody' which was added to the music this evening is a 3 movt work. It is now orchestrated and the title has been changed to ' Le chant de Venus'. What you hear under ' Rhapsody' ( above ) is the second movt of a Viola and Piano version recorded in Paris by Joel Soultanian who is a member of the 'Orchestre Ensemble de Paris

'Le Chant de Venus' is a Love Story, as you might guess from the title...but not just any old Love Story!! and yet, the basis of every love story.

 This is about the Animus and the Anima...i.e the feminine and masculine energies in our collective and personal being ,which project into the physical world in competitive gender roles not only in relationships with others but primarily in the relationship we have with ourselves as individuals.


 In the first movt of the work , the two ( Animus and Anima ) are ' in Love' and totally complimentary, they simply don't know division...the Garden of Eden as it were before the serpent arrived to tempt Eve....(must have been a man who wrote that story Ha Ha!!! )

In the first movt the music describes joy, delight, rapture and indeed as Life and love should be and was before the ' serpent' arrived. The serpent represents ( in this context ) that which divides.....thus giving birth to ego consciousness.

 In the biblical story at this point, the couple began to cover themselves thus symbolising their feelings of  separation and polarisation for the first time. Right at the start of the 2nd movt ( above ),You can hear their immensly sad emotions....sensing/knowing something was lost ( their innocence and atonement ).

 The Viola plays chords of a fifth....this is an interval which is ' empty' , on the edge of the void as it were, Whilst the piano  expresses utter sadness with repeated minor seconds. Neither instrument plays a fixed role. At one moment the viola expresses the Animus and in another the Anima, Likewise the piano.Their roles have not yet become fixed and defined as we experience them in today's world.

  Gradually throughout the movt, there is an acceptance and surrender to something they cannot change. Towards the end of the movt, you can hear a dance rhythm as they begin to move together again in a new understanding but tinged with the sadness of loss.


You would not believe what happened today. There I was this morning ...having checked the score again, rushing off to the photocopy shop to get a score proper made!! ' It's urgent' , I said ' Can you do it today?' ' Yes, sure we can!!' .

I went back to pick it up this afternoon and the paper was blocking their photocopier because it was too thin!!! . ALors! I bought another packet of paper ( thicker  and more expensive ). Then I hurried home and loaded the printer. Opened the computer and software Sibelius, clicked on ' print' and the b....y printer was out of ink!!!!

 I hurried back to the shop, still hoping to finish the job today and post in the morning!.....they didn't have the model in the shop!! It has been ordered and will not arrive until tuesday or wednesday next week!!!

 I went to the cafe and had a glass with a friend and a good laugh!!! Now, I don't believe in ' mistakes'...for some reason, unknown to me at this moment, there has to be a delay. SO....I will begin work on another project. Have a lovely evening all...xx


I can hardly believe it but I've just completed the structure of the last section AND I like it!! Mind you!! What the players will think is another matter.

 It's a joyful ending....I have no idea why, or how it got there since I feel so sad about my little dog, but it proves what I've always suspected! That creation takes place in another part of the Being of an artist....not the mind, although that's the tool we use to manifest what we hear.

Now all that remains is further scrutiny, adding markings, eliminating any mistakes and that will be done tomorrow at the Cafe ready to take to the photocopy shop to have it made into a back to back score. Then ....The post to the cellist. I'll let you know how she reacts!! Go away Cissyphus!!! Have a lovely evening all xxx 

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